Copper clad ground rod

Parameters of Copper clad ground rod

Bar diameter: 3/4in. (17.2mm)

Copper thickness: 0.25mm

Type: Two ends threaded, one end point, one end plat

Packaging: 1000pcs /2000pcs per steel pallet

Details ahout Copper clad ground rod

99.9% pure electrolytic copper coating

Molecular bond to nickel-sealed high strength steel core

Rods have a low carbon steel core and tip that provide superior strength when driving

Copper coating will not crack when bent or tear when driven

Minimum copper coating of 10 mils on rods

The rods are manufactured from low carbon, high tensile steel with a 99.9 % pure electrolytic copper thickness of 250 microns. Thread rolling after plating preserves the copper thickness ensuring corrosion resistance across the threads. Threads comply with ANSI/ASME B1.1-2003.

Extensible earth rods are coupled using threaded, easy to use brass alloy couplings. Connections can be made by using bolted clamps or exothermic welding process.

By specifying UL listed earth rods you ensure full compliance to the standard UL 467. Only products bearing the UL listing mark are covered by UL’s listing and follow-up service.

Two Ends Threaded One end Pointed One End Flat Copper Clad Ground Rod
Nominal Size: L mm Thread Size  (UNC-2A) Shank D mm Thread L mm Unit Weight kg Pack Quantity Item Number
5/8″ 1200 5/8″ 14.2 30 1.49 5 SBK1412RR
1500 1.86 SBK1415RR
1800 2.24 SBK1418RR
2100 2.65 SBK1421RR
2400 2.98 SBK1424RR
3000 3.73 SBK1430RR
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