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Jinhua SBK is a Manufacturing and Trading combo, produce and export Ground rods and Earth rods for more than 13 years. We passed ICE/BS EN 62561-2 standard test and ISO 9001:2008 test (A copy of which can be obtained upon request). We have full experience in exporting our Ground rods and Earth rods to the UK, Spain, Dubai and Egypt market.

SBK copperbond Ground rods offer installers the most economical method of achieving a low earth resistance. Each rod has a high tensile strength, low carbon steel core. 99.95% pure copper is applied electrolytically and forms a metallurgical bond between the steel core and the copper. This combination makes the rod ideal for deep driving whilst also provides lasting resistance to corrosion. The threads are formed by a cold rolling process which ensures strength and maintains the molecularly bonded copper covering along the full length of the threads. Cold-rolled threads are stronger than cut-threads. The standard copper thickness is 0.25mm. Greater copper thicknesses are also available. Please contact our sales office for further information.

With extensive experience and technical expertise, we can also design and advise on lightning protection schemes to suit your individual requirements. We have designed and supplied materials for projects including high rise buildings, bridges, telecoms installations, towers and stadiums. Such is our reputation for high standards that SBK equipment is used around the world, including the Middle East and Far East, with stocking distributors in key areas. If you’ve selected Wallis for structural lightning protection products, why not make us your choice for surge protection equipment too. Please ask for details.